Forest fire is one of the major causes of degradation of forests in our country. Precious forest resources and carbon is lost which has an impact on the flow of goods and services from the forest areas. The Forest Fire & Disaster Management wing of the Uttarakhand Forest Department has been alerting Divisions, Ranges, Circles & various stakeholders on the detection of fire in a Particular location as per the information received from FSI. Reporting and records management software has the ability to make communities safer, increase collaboration through data sharing, and ultimately make the work of data collection and reporting easier for its first responders at the ground(forest field personnel).

Presently Uttarakhand Forest Fire & Disaster Management department has developed a dedicated website for fire reporting. Looking at the sensitivity of impact of forest which not only impacts livelihood of people who solely are dependent on forest produce but disturbs the overall natural biodiversity. Hence it requires urgent attention to have a sound fire reporting system so that a forest fire can be controlled in a timely and effective manner.

Pre Fire Activities

Establishment Of MCR

A Master Control Room(MCR) is a nodal forest fire information centre, and is located in each Forest Divisional Headquater. The MCR are provided with Wireless Communication Network.

Establishment Of Crew Stations

A crew station has a deployment of 4-5 Fire Watchers equipped with firefighting tools and wireless communication network. They are who respond to each fire incident.

Watch Towers

Each watch tower serves as a view point that offers a large section of forest to be monitored for varios activities.

Control Burning

Fire Line Cleaning

Wireless Communication

Social Media

State Master Control Room

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